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Rebel Fund


The Glenorchy Rebel Fund is designed to position investor’s capital to take advantage of the threats and opportunities highlighted by George Gammon, his team of experts, and guests on The Rebel Capitalist Show.



Launched in 2024, the Glenorchy Rebel Fund is the natural result of George Gammon’s relentless pursuit of understanding where the world is headed, combined with Glenorchy Capital’s long term, deep value approach aiming to achieve asymmetry. The Rebel Fund seeks to multiply clients’ capital by attempting to anticipate sectoral shifts in valuations based on global macro and fundamental analysis.



We search global financial markets for extremely out of favour sectors that are fundamentally mispriced, and look set to change.


We invest in many high target return positions to gain a broad exposure to a theme, and effectively limit risk by keeping positions small.


By the nature of our contrarian views, our positions mean very little correlation with the Dow, S&P500 or other major market indices.


The 24/7 feed and pressure on money managers to hit quarterly targets means few can apply a long term view – this is something we use as an edge.


We look to invest in unloved sectors where there is a question of when (not if) they’ll recover. We generally have up to a dozen sectors/themes in play at any time.


If we can’t see an “easy” 3:1 or better return from a theme or sector, we simply won’t invest. This “portfolio” strategy is another way we manage risk.


Joining the Glenorchy Rebel Fund as a client is straightforward. After registering your interest, we’ll send you key information to review, which is followed by a call where you can meet Glenorchy’s leadership and discuss your involvement. Providing you wish to proceed, we’ll then guide you through the rest of the process.



Chris has founded and built several multi-million dollar businesses in the investment arena including overseeing the deployment of $30m into Venture Capital opportunities and advising family offices internationally. Prior to this, Chris built a career at Invesco Asset Management, Lehman Brothers, JPMChase, & Robert Flemings.


After managing high net worth private client funds at Henry Ansbacher, Brad managed a proprietary trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa and Australia. Brad’s speciality is in identifying opportunities in extreme out of favour themes globally and executing strategies to achieve asymmetric payoffs.


After 12 successful years as an entrepreneur, George ventured into real estate, where he has remodeled and flipped dozens of properties in and out of the United States. Nowadays, he spends his time breaking down complex topics in financial markets markets and frequently interviews top experts in various fields.


Clients are required to invest a minimum allocation of US$200,000 and be considered a  qualified client” in order to be considered. Upon application, we’ll send you a detailed overview of our services, our fee structure, and providing you wish to proceed, schedule a call with one of our founders to discuss further.


Given this is a brand new fund, there is no track record (there can’t be). Upon application, the team will provide you with the previous performance of a similar portfolio, for indicative purposes. The Glenorchy Team have been been managing money for decades, in areas such as private wealth, venture capital, real estate, private placements, crypto and precious metals.

As we are regulated by the SEC, we must comply with their rules on who we can accept as clients – in this case, you must be a Qualified Client (or equivalent). We collect this information because we have to, and would only share it if compelled legally. Once you self certify you meet the requirements, we can share more information about the fund.

The investments making up the Rebel Fund are typically long-only equities that we aim to hold for multi-year timeframes. Our criteria is simply “where can we make at least 300% with the least risk”. This often takes us outside the US, and into industries / sectors which are not crowded.

The Rebel Fund’s fee structure is heavily weighted to performance. This means we’re incentivised to grow your investment capital while it’s with us.